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Can I take Fiiz with me in public transport?

In general folding bikes count as luggage, so is the Fiiz in its transport mode. Carryig your Fiiz in public transport is mostly possible and free. However, we recommend you check your city’s public transport guidelines.

Is Fiiz the right size for me?

The Fiiz one-size frame can accommodate riders between 155 cm and 190 cm tall. Thanks to its adjustable saddle as well as two available handlebar options, the Fiiz can be configured for optimal rider comfort.

How does the gear shift work?

Fiiz is equipped with a two-gear kickshift hub. The hub features a coaster brake and therefore no cable pulls are necessary in the rear. The two-gear kickshift hub is ideal for virtually all situations in an urban environment.

Where can I buy one?

There will be an Online-Shop very soon. If you are interested or if you have questions, just write us an e-mail at

Where can my Fiiz be repaired?

Except for the frame with its connecting element, Fiiz is equipped with standard components which can be repaired in nearly every bicycle workshop.

Can I schedule a test ride?

We offer test rides in the Stuttgart region and on selected events. Find out more on our test ride page.